• An MLM merchant account lets you accept payments from distributors and customers world-wide. MLM credit card processing is considered high risk by acquiring banks. Still, there’s no reason for concern.  You have many options for MLM friendly payment processing available to you.
    • Diversify MLM merchant account processing through our extensive network of US and international banks.
    • Accept all major card brands world-wide.
    • Add e-checks as an alternative payment method to get more orders from US customers.
    • Gain access to local alternative payment methods preferred by global buyers.
    • Pay US distributors fast with same day ACH credits.
    • High volume MLM merchant accounts.  Get the processing capacity you need to manage & grow your business.  Establish multiple accounts to mitigate risk.

MLM Merchant Account Benefits

Our goal is for you to get the fastest approvals, lowest rates, and best terms for your payment processing.  Here are some of benefits of MLM credit card processing services:   

  • Lower Rates.  Contact us today for a no-obligation rate comparison.
  • Fast Approvals.  Speed time to market for fast increase in orders. 
  • MLM Secure Payment Gateway.  Level 1 PCI-DSS certification exceeds the most stringent standards for security, protecting your business & your customers.
  • Ecommerce.   Accept orders online quickly and easily.
  • Virtual Terminals.  Unlimited virtual terminals for fast processing of mail / phone orders (MOTO).
  • Accept Mobile Payments Millions of shoppers prefer to pay you with mobile devices.
  • Bulk Processing.  Efficiently process large files of orders via batch uploads.
  • Enhance Productivity.  Compatible with major shopping carts, CRM, and accounting systems.
  • Chargeback Protection. Help stop chargebacks before they occur.  And fight chargebacks you can win.
  • Fraud Protection.  Customize an extensive array of rules & filters.  Identify good orders.  Decline bad ones.  Set aside questionable transactions for review. 
  • Recurring Billing.  Great for MLM merchants to accept payments on a recurring basis.  Convenient for customers.  Profitable for you.
  • Customer Service Pros.   Highly trained professional service dedicated to your success.

Applying for Your MLM Merchant Account

Applying for your MLM merchant account is a straight-forward process.  You submit an application along with supporting documents.  Approvals for US MLM merchants take 5-7 business days from the time a complete application package is received, due to the high-risk classification of the industry.  International MLM payment processors take 7-14 days for account approval.

Supporting documents include color copy of driver’s license or passport for the signer on the account; voided check from the bank to which processing funds will settle; 3 months business bank statements; 3-6 months of payment processing statements; and business formation documents such as Articles of Incorporation.

A merchant account is similar to a short-term line of credit.  Therefore, be sure that the signer on the account has good personal credit.  Otherwise, consider adding a co-signer to the application who does.

How an MLM Merchant Account is Approved

Our underwriting team reviews the application to determine the risk associated with an MLM merchant account.  Do your best to supply all requested documents.  And to present your company in the best possible light. 

The underwriter will first verify all the information on the application. Then will move on to review of the supporting documents. 

Processing history is reviewed with an eye on chargebacks.  If chargebacks are low, that’s great. If they are edging up, provide an explanation of the reasons and the steps you are taking to bring them under control.  Being pro-active is a wise strategy, demonstrating you can manage your MLM merchant account effectively.

Bank statements are examined to confirm there is enough operating capital to run the business well.  Therefore, be sure there is enough money in your bank accounts to support the processing volumes you are requesting. 

Underwriters check the internet for reviews of the company and owners.  Perform a search yourself so you’ll know what’s being said.  Naturally, no company will have perfect reviews.  Still, respond to comments in a positive and polite manner, which demonstrates you care about good customer service. 

It’s helpful to the underwriting team when you include a short executive overview that answers questions about legal compliance and sustainable growth long-term. Emphasize that the majority of company profits are from product sales instead of selling new recruits expensive front-end training packages.

Once underwriting is complete, the MLM merchant account is approved.  Karma Payment Solutions issues your merchant identification number.  Then, you’re good to go.

Why Choose Karma Payment Solutions for your MLM merchant Account?

All accounts include the following features & benefits: 

  • PCI-DSS Level 1 MLM payment gateway. Safeguard your business and your customers.
  • Multichannel processing. Take orders online with a simple-to-install API. Process MOTO payments with virtual terminals.  Accept mobile payments.  Bulk process large files
  • US and international acquirers. Choice of banks lets you tailor payment processing to meet the specific requirements of your business. Load balance multiple MLM merchant accounts on a single gateway. 
  • Multi-currency processing. Accept payments from distributors & buyers world-wide. Inspire trust by displaying prices in familiar local currencies.  
  • Superior customer service. Get the answers you need when you need them.
  • Recurring billing. Unlimited customizable recurring payment plans are great for all goods & services sold on a regular basis. 
  • High volume MLM payment processor.  Get the processing capacity you need with no caps on volumes.
  • Fraud-fighting weapons. Robust protection against cyber criminals.