Can’t find the right partner for online payment acceptance? 

Karma Payment Solutions provides innovative payment acceptance solutions to ecommerce merchants for over two decades. 

We know the risk factors in card-not present transactions. That’s why we offer industry-leading innovations to mitigate those risk like Fraudcast, our proprietary fraud and chargeback reduction tool. Plus, real time transaction reporting, seamless integration with most payment gateways, access to virtual terminal, recurring billing, multi-currency conversion and more.

Payment Gateway

Serious about growing your ecommerce business? Partner with Karma Payment Solutions today and leverage the industry-leading tools and features you need to send your online sales to the next level, including:

  • Risk management tools and dynamic descriptors.
  • Automated chargeback processing and robust reporting features.
  • The enhanced safety and security of end-to-end tokenization.
  • Hosted checkout pages and hosted payment forms.
  • Ready-to-use APIs for recurring billing/subscription services.
  • Intelligent transaction routing.
  • Support for virtually every 3D-Secure merchant plug-in out there.
  • Integration with leading third-party CRM solutions like Nats, Infusionsoft, and CartConnect.
  • An easy-to-use Software Development Kit that offers enhanced customized options to app developers.
  • Full white label support.

Virtual Terminal

Want to grow your ecommerce or MOTO business? Karma Payment Solution’s versatile virtual terminal allows you to quickly and easily accept:

  • Swiped transactions.
  • Keyed transactions.
  • EMV credit transactions.

All while performing a variety of other payment management functions – and all without the need for a traditional POS terminal.

Recurring Billing

We’ve simplified recurring billing and subscriptions so you can focus on running your business.

By converting your customers’ information to a tokenized BRIC, we enable you to safely and securely store that info so that you may process additional transactions for those customers in the future on a scheduled basis.

Recurring billing is ideal for a wide range of businesses, including:

Property Managers.

Subscription based apps.




 Utility companies.


Our unique membership programs allow you to quickly and easily manage customer profiles and billing lifecycles while our own, in-house gateway supports both recurring credit card and ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments like:

Direct deposit.



We can even give you the freedom to customize contracts with optional add-ons and discounts, as well as periodic cycles that fit your revenue growth.

Multi-currency conversion

With support for nearly every international currency imaginable, Karma Payment Solution’s innovative multi-currency conversion solution enables you to offer your customers the ability to pay in their native currency, while simultaneously:

  • Eliminating price differentials at the time of purchase.
  • Offering a simpler checkout process.
  • Leveraging flexible settlement times.

By offering customers the ability to pay in 49 different currencies, you’ll not only be making life easier on them. You’ll reap the rewards as well, enjoying:

  • The increased sales that come with allowing international customers to pay in their native currencies.
  • A significant reduction in credit requests, returns, and chargebacks.