Karma Payment Solutions provides adult merchant accounts for all products & services including digital content, downloads, entertainment sites, legal escort services, streaming video, webcams, online dating, toys, novelty items, travel, strip clubs, and more.

Adult merchants are considered high risk by banks and processors.  The primary reason for a high-risk classification is concerns over chargebacks and fraudulent transactions. 

Companies processing high volumes of transactions frequently establish multiple adult credit card processing accounts to mitigate the inherent risks of depending upon a single acquiring bank. 

US companies establish adult services merchant accounts in both the US and offshore.  The biggest advantages of US processing are higher approvals for US cards, lower rates and faster settlements compared to offshore merchant accounts. 

Offshore adult merchant accounts are a good option for businesses that have international customers.  Card approval rates are highest when the acquiring bank is in the same region as the customer. 

  • Low rates. Contact us today for a no-obligation rate comparison.  See how much money you can save on payment processing.
  • Fast approvals. Speed time to market.
  • Multiple payment methods. Accept debit & credit cards. Add echecks / ACH to get more sales from US and International buyers.  Add international payment methods to get more sales from global customers.
  • Take payments anyway you want. Integrate payments with your website.  Accept payments from cell phones.  Easily accept mail / phone (MOTO) orders.
  • Unlimited subscription billing plans customizable to meet the needs of your business. Convenient for customers.  Profitable to you.
  • PCI-DSS compliant adult merchant account payment gateway keeps your business & customers safe. Military grade data encryption protects sensitive data.
  • Automated fraud fighting tools help you identify good transactions while rejecting fraudulent ones.
  • Chargeback prevention services help you stop chargebacks before they occur. Chargeback mitigation services help you fight chargebacks you can win.
  • High volume adult payment processing is readily available, giving you the capacity to successfully operate and grow your business.
  • Get more than one adult merchant account to avoid dependency on a single acquiring bank.

Applying for Your Adult Merchant Account

  • Applying for an adult merchant account with no obligation.  A dedicated account manager shall assist you through the application process to get your account approved quickly.
  • Many adult merchants have more than one account.  Load balancing through our adult payment gateway simplifies management while providing you with the processing capacity you need. 
  • Three Months Processing history showing a at least $50,000 per month is required to qualify for an adult merchant account.   
  • US and international companies are welcome to apply. US accounts take 3-7 days for approval. International adult merchant accounts take 14-21 days.