Searching for secure payment processing for your online business?  You landed in the right place.  Karma Payment Solutions provides eCommerce credit card processing to high volume and high-risk merchants. 

  • Low Rates. Contact us now for a no obligation rate comparison.
  • Fast Approvals. Speed time to market to quickly get more sales.
  • Level 1 PCI-DSS eCommerce Gateway. Protect your business and your customers. Advanced technology with military-grade security surpasses the most stringent standards for compliant eCommerce payments.
  • Extensive Network of Banks. Get a single eCommerce merchant account. Or establish multiple eCommerce payment accounts to mitigate processing risk.
  • Fraud Fighting Weapons. Quickly accept good orders.  Decline bad ones.  Set aside questionable transactions for review.
  • Chargeback Protection Tools.  Chargeback warning services help prevent chargebacks before they occur.  Chargeback mitigation systems assist in fighting chargebacks you can win.
  • Serious Customer Service.  Get the help you need when you need it. Highly trained representatives dedicated to your success.

What Does a High-Risk Merchant Classification Mean?

High risk is a generic term used by acquiring banks to describe businesses which have statistically greater likelihood of chargebacks.  A chargeback occurs when consumers contact their card issuing bank to dispute a transaction.  Chargebacks can occur for many reasons, including products not performing as promised; customers not receiving the products; or customers claiming that the eCommerce merchant did not respond to their issues.

Friendly fraud is common as savvy internet shoppers often dispute a transaction in hopes of getting the product or service for free.  Consumers understand that card issuing banks generally side with the cardholder since that person is a customer of the bank.  And, if the customer insists, the merchant will be issued a chargeback. 

Even if a company has low chargebacks, acquiring banks can still classify a business as high risk.  Some industries are classified as high risk because acquiring banks are concerned about “reputational risk” of processing for businesses in certain industries.  Other reasons for a high-risk classification include products or services being sold, targeted markets, or billing models. 

High risk merchants can certainly acquire eCommerce merchant accounts with low rates and favorable terms.  Still, there are fewer acquiring banks willing to process for high-risk eCommerce merchants compared to standard risk businesses. 

What is Included in Your Ecommerce Merchant Account?

An eCommerce merchant account has two parts.  First, the merchant account established with the acquiring bank, gives you the ability to debit & credit cards and other payment methods.  The second part is the secure eCommerce payment gateway, through which online payments are submitted to the banking networks for approval.

All eCommerce merchant accounts include the following:

  • Accept All Major Card Brands. Easily take eCommerce payments from buyers using debit or credit cards. 
  • Level 1 PCI-DSS Ecommerce Payment Gateway. Advanced technology ensures the highest security for eCommerce payments.  Transactions are SSL encrypted with military-grade security ensuring data confidentiality and protecting sensitive card information from data breaches.
  • Virtual Terminals. Securely accept mail, fax & mail orders (MOTO).  Unlimited virtual terminals are included as a standard feature on all accounts.  
  • Fraud Fighting Weapons. Extensive fraud filters help you quickly approve good orders and decline fraudulent ones.  Customize fraud protection features to meet the needs of your business.
  • Chargeback Protection & Mitigation Services. Chargeback protection keeps prevents chargebacks before they occur.  Chargeback mitigation services helps you fight chargebacks you can win.
  • Superior Customer Service. Highly trained customer service representatives dedicated to your satisfaction.  Get the help you need when you need it. 
  • Robust Cloud Reporting. Access reports in any format.  Customize to meet your needs. 
  • CRM, Shopping Carts, Accounting Systems. The online payment gateway is already integrated with most major CRM, shopping carts & accounting systems.  Easily share eCommerce payment data. Streamline business operations while increasing productivity.

Ecommerce Merchant Account Approval Process

Once the application package is received, the underwriter team verifies the information on the application form.  Then, supporting documents are reviewed.

Ecommerce payment processing history is examined with an eye to chargebacks.   If chargebacks are low, that’s great.  If chargebacks are rising, include a short explanation as to the reason and what is being done to bring them under control. Bank statements are reviewed to verify there is enough money in the business bank account to support the processing volumes being requested. 

All eCommerce merchants have websites.  It’s a good idea to go through each page of the site to be sure all pages are displaying properly before submitting your application.  Make sure all contact forms are working correctly.  Clearly display privacy, returns, shipping, customer service contacts and other pertinent information. 

The underwriting teams frequently conduct internet searches for reviews on a company or owners.  Do this yourself so you’ll know what’s out there.  Naturally, most companies do not have perfect reviews.  Still, do your best to respond to comments in a courteous & professional manner, which demonstrates that you care about customer service.

Once the eCommerce merchant account is approved, your merchant account ID is issued.  And you can begin processing immediately.

Special Ecommerce Payment Solutions

High volume and high-risk merchants have different requirements for processing than do low volume, standard risk accounts.  High volume merchants need processing capacity to operate and grow their business.  High risk merchants need access to acquiring banks that will accept businesses in their industry.

Karma Payment Solutions gives you:

  • Multiple Ecommerce Merchant Accounts. Diversifying accounts gives you the processing capacity you require. And mitigates risk by avoiding dependence on a single bank.
  • US Ecommerce Credit Card Processing. Extensive network of acquiring banks gives high volume & high-risk eCommerce merchants processing capacity required to manage & grow their businesses.   
  • International Ecommerce Merchant Accounts. Great option for eCommerce merchants selling world-wide.  And for high-risk merchants that want to diversify processing offshore.  
  • Ecommerce Payment Gateway. Highest level of security exceeds the most stringent standards for secure eCommerce payments.  Safeguard your business and your customers. Offload responsibility for compliant processing to the online payment gateway.
  • Multiple Ecommerce Merchant Accounts. Automatically load balance among multiple merchant accounts based on volumes, products, or other criteria.  View and manage all accounts globally or on an individual basis.  Simplify account management and reconciliation.
  • Multicurrency Payments. For global eCommerce merchants, accepting payments in familiar local currencies is the easiest & fastest way to increase sales. 

Alternative Payment Methods. ACH / echecks boost orders from US customers.  For global eCommerce, offer localized payment methods preferred by international buyers.